About Us


I’m Nick Valdivia, owner and head trainer here at Elevated Canine of Bakersfield. I’ve been working as a professional dog trainer since 2017 while also working for the CA Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation for close to 10 years before resigning to pursue training dogs full time. My knowledge is a culmination of years of learning from renowned dog trainers in the industry, attending formal education under Bart and Michael Bellon, and years of real world “working” experience working with average, every day dog owners just like you seeking help with their companions. Before pursuing dog training as a full-time business, training my own dogs towards competitive dog sports was a hobby. With that said, I am truly passionate about the work that we do here at Elevated Canine, and i’m honored to lead my team on a mission to continue providing quality dog training throughout Central California, and beyond.



Contact our Bakersfield dog training facility today. We promise that no dog is untrainable, no matter how out of control the animal seems. Utilizing our modern dog training techniques, our experienced dog trainers will coach you on how to motivate, teach, and establish a clear communication system between you and your canine.