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The Power of Starting Early: Puppy Training at Elevated Canine Bakersfield

There’s a magical period in every dog’s life when their habits, behaviors, routines, and perceptions of the world are being formed — the puppy phase. Here at Elevated Canine, we truly believe that the key to a well-behaved, balanced adult dog lies within taking advantage of this very critical phase through effective puppy training.

The Importance of Starting Your Puppy's Training Early

Starting training early is about more than just shaping behaviors—it’s about capitalizing on your puppy’s unique ability to learn and adapt. Puppies are just like sponges, soaking up experiences and learning rapidly from their environment. During their first few months, they’re developing all of their perceptions about the world, people, other animals, and what is considered as acceptable behavior. This early phase is an opportunity to truly instill good habits, nurture desired behaviors, and prevent problem behaviors from taking root.

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About Our Exclusive Puppy Training Program. Let's Train!

During this puppy training program, we’ll initially coach you through a series of in-person training lessons on how to raise and train your new family member. We’ll start off by establishing leadership, communication, create boundaries, structure, and teach your pup the most important life skills that they should be learning under the age of 20 weeks.

From here, we will then schedule your puppy for our exclusive board and train program allowing us as professionals to do our part by getting them dialed in for training, by furthering and solidifying all of their obedience, manners, and social skills. This unique approach allows you to build a long lasting bond with your puppy and at the same time get help with more complexed training from a professional dog trainer. So not only will we help train your new puppy, but we’ll also help train you, on how to live a meaningful life with your dog thus making their life and your life much easier.

At Elevated Canine Bakersfield, our exclusive puppy training program is designed to shape your young pup into a confident, obedient, and well-rounded dog. Our approach focuses on key areas:


Introducing your puppy to a wide variety of people, dogs, and environments is crucial for building their confidence and helping them become well-adjusted adults. We facilitate controlled socialization experiences in order to help your puppy learn how to interact appropriately with the world around them.

Solid Obedience

We lay the groundwork for future training by introducing puppies to a solid foundation of obedience. This helps them truly understand what is expected of them, setting the stage for advanced training as they grow older.


We carefully guide you through the process of housebreaking your new puppy, teaching them where it’s appropriate to eliminate and helping you establish a consistent routine.

Habit Formation

From teaching your puppy to how to enjoy their crate, to discouraging them from biting and chewing on inappropriate items, we focus on shaping good habits from the start.

Positive Experiences

Creating positive – eventful associations with grooming, veterinary visits, car rides, and many other common experiences is also an important part of our puppy training.

Owner Education

We believe in empowering owners with the knowledge and tools thats needed in order to successfully implement and continue the training at home. We provide advice on feeding, exercise, health care, and more.

Starting early with puppy training doesn’t just make life easier for you as a pet owner, it also sets your puppy up for success. It helps them understand their place in your world, which boosts their confidence and allows them to feel secure and loved.

At Elevated Canine, our experienced dog trainers are truly passionate about giving puppies the best start in life. Our puppy training program is tried, tested, and loved by countless puppy parents in Bakersfield, CA. We are here to support you and your new puppy through this exciting phase.