Behavior Modification Bakersfield, Ca​

Welcome to a world where behavioral challenges become stepping stones to deeper understanding and stronger bonds with your dog. At Elevated Canine Bakersfield, we take on these challenges headfirst with our refined behavior modification techniques. Our training philosophy is rooted deep in compassionate, scientifically-backed strategies aimed at helping your canine companion become the best version of themselves.

Behavior modification is so much more than just addressing undesirable behaviors and actions; it’s about understanding the ‘why’ behind your dog’s behavior. This involves digging deeper into their psychology, experiences, upbringing, environment, and genetic predisposition to make sense of their actions. It’s a long-term solution that is designed to address the root cause of the problem rather than simply masking the symptoms

Behavior Modification Bakersfield, Ca​

At Elevated Canine Bakersfield, our behavior modification program is specifically tailored to your canine companion’s individual needs. Our process includes five key aspects:

1. Evaluation: Understanding your dog is crucial. We conduct a comprehensive evaluation to assess your dog’s behavior, taking into account factors such as their breed, age, medical history, past experiences, and current environment.

2. Goal Setting: The next step is setting clear, realistic goals for your dog’s behavior change. This could range from addressing aggression issues to correcting destructive habits that have developed, improving fear based responses, and enhancing their social skills.

3. Customized Training Approach: Based on our evaluation assessment and your goals, we create a personalized training plan that addresses your canine companion’s unique needs. This could involve a mix combination of obedience training, desensitization, exposure, socialization, physical reconditioning, as well as counter conditioning techniques.

4. Training Implementation: Our experienced dog trainers implement the training plan using positive reinforcement to encourage desirable behaviors and discourage the undesirable ones. We aim to establish a clear communication system between you and your dog, ensuring mutual understanding and respect.

5. Owner Education: We firmly believe behavior modification extends beyond the training sessions. We equip you with the knowledge and tools needed to reinforce the training at home, ensuring the new behaviors are maintained long-term.

Behavior Modification Bakersfield, Ca​


Wether its dominance, fear, territorial, or any other form of aggression, we employ various strategies to help dogs learn appropriate ways to express themselves.


We utilize unique desensitization and counter-conditioning techniques to help dogs overcome their fears, insecurities, and anxieties, at the same time replacing their negative associations with positive ones.


We guide dogs towards appropriate outlets for their energy, while working on their impulse control and teaching them self-restraint.

Excessive Barking

We address this common issue by figuring out the underlying cause of the barking and teaching your dog alternative ways to communicate.

Socialization Issues

Through careful and gradual exposure, we help dogs build confidence and develop healthy social interactions.


we employ desensitization and counter-conditioning methods to manage reactivity. We expose your dog gradually and safely to their triggers, while also teaching them to associate these triggers with positive experiences, effectively reducing their reactive behavior.

Addressing Behavioral Issues through Training

At Elevated Canine Bakersfield, we’re not just about changing behaviors—we’re about fostering a deeper understanding, strengthening bonds, and enhancing the overall quality of life for both you and your dog. Our behavior modification techniques are tried, tested, and have successfully transformed countless dogs in Bakersfield, CA. We’re here to support you and your dog through this journey.