Therapy Dog Training Bakersfield, Ca

Bringing Comfort and Joy: Therapy Dog Training at Elevated Canine Bakersfield

Therapy dogs bring comfort, joy, and therapeutic benefits to people in various settings such as hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and more. At Elevated Canine Bakersfield, we specialize in training dogs to become certified therapy dogs, ready to touch lives and create moments of joy wherever they go.

Understanding Therapy Dogs

Unlike service dogs, who are trained to perform specific tasks for one individual with a disability, therapy dogs are intended to bring comfort and joy to many people. These exceptional dogs have a special ability to connect with humans on an emotional level, offering comfort, reducing stress, and even helping to improve communication and motor skills in individuals with specific challenges.

Dog Training Programs Bakersfield, Ca

Our Therapy Dog Training Program

Our comprehensive therapy dog training program equips dogs with the skills, behaviors, and temperament necessary to excel as therapy dogs. Our program focuses on:

1. Basic and Advanced Obedience: Therapy dogs must have excellent obedience skills to behave impeccably in diverse settings. We train dogs in basic and advanced commands and ensure they can respond reliably, even in distracting environments.

2. Socialization: Therapy dogs meet a wide variety of people in their role. We ensure dogs are well-socialized and comfortable with people of all ages and abilities.

3. Temperament Training: A calm, patient, and friendly temperament is crucial for a therapy dog. Our training program focuses on nurturing these qualities in your dog.

4. Desensitization: Therapy dogs encounter various sights, sounds, and experiences in their line of duty. We expose dogs to different environments and situations to ensure they can remain calm and composed.

5. Public Access Training: From hospitals to schools, therapy dogs need to be comfortable in a wide range of public settings. Our public access training ensures dogs can behave appropriately and feel at ease in various environments.

The Impact of Therapy Dogs

Therapy dogs have an amazing ability to uplift spirits, reduce stress and anxiety, and provide a comforting presence. They play a crucial role in therapeutic settings, helping to improve patients’ mood, encourage communication, and provide a gentle distraction from challenging circumstances.

At Elevated Canine Bakersfield, we take pride in training dogs who make a difference in people’s lives. Our therapy dog training program is designed to mold your dog into a dependable, comforting, and well-behaved therapy dog. We’re here to guide you and your dog through the rewarding journey of becoming a certified therapy team.